Practicing Advertisers, Learning To Advertise

As we all know, learning is the only way to continue to advance in life. As babies, we learn how to talk, eat, walk, and differentiate between what’s dangerous and what’s safe. We first learn how to communicate with our parents. We then learn to communicate with children our own age. This learning process continues on through high school, college, starting a family, and progressing in our careers.


I call this constant learning situation “practice”. It’s the same term used in the medical industry; a doctor’s practice. They are practicing, because they are constantly learning. So we have decided to practice our craft using our own company as a new client.

That’s right. New name BR4ND3D. New site or With the same people or practitioners. Don’t worry, we aren’t dumping any of our clients, they are all safe with us. But everything with the new company will be built from scratch. Business cards. Commercials. Social accounts. Listings. Let’s see how fast we can grow this “brand” from start to BR4ND3D. See what I did there?

BR4ND3D Logo


So today is May 28, 2021. The urls and are a month old. The site was built this week, but it has issues. We are currently “sand boxed” by Google, and we don’t have any traffic to our site as of today. April, Bill and their band of digital engineers have been working on the new site to get all the site issues ironed out.

Brennan and the Jedi Order will get their crack at it next week for back linking and blogging. Bethany and her party of artists have created a masterpiece of a logo and have the business cards and swag on order. Tina and her corp cartographers are setting up our business citations and map listings next week.


My goal is to update any reader monthly on what needs to be done as a company moving forward with their own advertising and marketing. So check back, and I’ll let you know how we are doing.

Issues as of right now:

Our Google Site Speed Score is 49 out of 100, we need to fix all of this:

That’s 42 full seconds.

On the Information side:

0 characters for meta descriptions

text to html ratio is 18.64% (I would love to get this above 25%)

no microformats


no open graph

no twitter card

no amp (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

no Google Analytics

Wait For It

I would love to have all of this straightened out in the next two weeks. I will drop another blog after this is all fixed. Have a great day.


After Getting Brennan and the Jedi Team to work on the BR4ND3D site, speed is much better. Our mobile site speed is at 90%, which still needs improvement. The time to interact with the mobile device is still 5.3 seconds. The desktop site speed is at 98%. The time to interact on the mobile site is 1.2 second, which is almost perfect. Mobile Site Speed Test Desktop Site Speed Test

Get It Done

In conclusion, use Google’s tools to help speed up your website. This will ultimately help rank your site in the search engines and give your users a more pleasant experience.

Written by

Bobby Paschall

Co-Founder BR4ND3D

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